Hello, (twitter) world

We were so inspired by the 40 Best Twitter Brands that we decided it was about time to jump off the cliff. Head over to https://twitter.com/yahoo to follow us for 140-character updates on a variety of things Yahoo!. Just five hours in the saddle and we have nearly 200 followers. Welcome!

That said, there are many other Yahoo! Twitter accounts that went live before us, including @yahoo_directory, @yahoosearchdata, @yahoomovies, @yahoo_sports, @YahooNews, @yahoonews_odd, @Yahoogames, @YahooBuzz, @ymailblog, @yahoogroups, @delicious, @OneConnect, @YahooGeo, @YahooResearch, @ydn (Yahoo! Developer Network), @YUILibrary, and @ysearchFE (Yahoo! Search). Check them out.

Twitter page

I'm trying to decide if I like our Twitter page background -- does it work, or is it aneurysm-inducing?

Nicki Dugan
Blog Editor