Introducing New, More Engaging Advertising Formats

By Marissa Mayer, CEO

As we continue to build products and features that inspire and entertain our users, we're committed to delivering engaging and effective advertising opportunities. Over the past few months, we’ve begun to evolve the Yahoo! experience to be more personal, intuitive, and immersive -- incorporating more modern paradigms like our news stream.  Today, we’re matching that engaging stream experience with a new advertising format -- Yahoo! Stream Ads.

Since we launched our Yahoo! news stream in February, our users have responded by visiting more, staying longer, and increasing their engagement with our content. Like with web search, users appreciate complementary, unobtrusive advertising, and we’re committed to delivering just that. Advertising can, and should, enhance content discovery in a seamless and effective manner. The more our users spend time with Yahoo!, the more relevant and personalized the content and advertising becomes. Stream Ads are the sponsored twin to our newsfeed articles and are every bit as personalized and engaging.

Today, we’re also announcing a new Billboard designed to deliver richer content interactions to Yahoo! users. For example, a movie trailer that runs on the Billboard could link to more information about the film and cast, and let you buy tickets directly from the ad. We believe that advertising like this can be fun and engaging for users, while also effective for advertisers.  

Going forward, we’re committed to advertising formats that complement our products and content, and enhance the user experience. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!