Blabbing about the blogosphere

Talking ain’t what it used to be.

Average-Joe chatterboxes used to be the talk of their towns, but now their voices can be heard the world over as they become bonafide political scuttlebutt suppliers, celebrity gossip givers, and technomaniacs. Why? It’s all thanks to blogs.

Like last summer, I got together a group of Yahoo! interns for a podcast. The mission: blab about blogging. Our intern brood chatted on everything from communicating with faraway friends via blogs to Tim O’Reilly’s Blogger’s Code of Conduct to how effective presidential hopefuls like Barack Obama really are in reaching our demographic by having a blog. We also got into the concept of digital wills and the role a blog can play in the afterlife.

Want to eavesdrop on our conversation?

Yahoo! interns at the podcast on blogging

(L to R): Tica Wakeman, Chris Martin, me, Rahul Malik, Emily Tse, and Brian Krausz