Fantasy sports widows — watch out

Yahoo! has an innovative product on the market that makes fantasy baseball and football much more addictive — Yahoo! Sports for TV.

Screenshot of Yahoo! Sports for TV

As an intern at Yahoo! and a fantasy football widow myself, I struggled with how I felt about this product. On the one hand, it’s an application that my fiancé and his friends would love. He could use it to watch live games, check his fantasy stats, and get game updates all on TV using his remote control. On the other hand, it would allow him to be a total couch potato and become fully immersed in his fantasy sports leagues.

Was this something I wanted him to know about?

After some soul searching, I decided I wanted to be the first to tell him about it (he’d find out sooner or later). As expected, he was really excited about it and loved that it’s free. Yes… FREE. All you need to get started is a TV, a Windows Media Center Edition PC, and about sixty seconds.

Judging by how excited my fiancé and his friends were, I knew there were other fantasy sports fans out there who would love to hear about this cool product. It’s available now for fantasy baseball and a new, enhanced version for fantasy football will be released later this year.

To see for yourself that Yahoo! Sports for TV is the coolest Yahoo! product you've never heard of, check out this (cheesy) video. Special props to Yahoos Ramsey Ksar, Larry Quinn, and Ken Quan for letting us turn them into beer-drinking stereotypes (and sorry about the hair, Larry).

Sandy Tam
Intern, Yahoo! Digital Home