Flickr for Lovrs

By Markus Spiering, Head of Product, Flickr

In 2010, Sophie Ellis and Patrick Eggert were both sharing photos for their “365” Flickr projects (in which photographers take a self-portrait every day for one year) when Sophie shared a few words of encouragement on one of Patrick’s photos. Soon after, both Sophie and Patrick started regularly commenting on each other’s beautiful photos which then turned to Flickr Mail, which turned to Instant Messages which turned to video chatting... and the rest is history.

Over the next year the two gradually fell in love, despite the 5,000 mile distance between Portland, Oregon and Aldbourne, England.

by patrickeggert

by crashbangsqueak

"Unlike meeting someone in person, we had no expectations and there was no pressure, so instead of worrying about everything we were able to just talk openly and honestly, and before we’d even met we knew more about each other than we’d ever shared with anyone else," Sophie said. "From that, we both realised how important it was to have each other in our lives, and so it became easy to always make time to speak, no matter how briefly."

When they met in person for the first time they clicked almost immediately - but the only shock was Patrick was a whole foot taller than Sophie. Several trips to see each other followed.

On Sophie’s most recent trip to Portland in December Patrick and Sophie headed to the beach for their usual photo shoot. Patrick told Sophie to look off into the distance at the Pacific Ocean view while he quietly got on his knee as the camera snapped his proposal.

by patrickeggert

The two are now working on getting Sophie a visa so she can move to Portland.

"Whether it's just to document the places we've traveled together or to actively set out and take photos with a specific final product in mind, we always have a camera with us wherever we go," Patrick said. "We met through photography, [I] proposed in a photograph, and Sophie took our engagement photos after, so I think photography will always have an important role in our lives."

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