Flickr makes a living

When I started to post my pictures from Myanmar on Flickr in February 2006, I just thought it was a good way of storing my photos at a cheap price. But then I received one comment, two, three... and people even favorited my pics. Mon dieu, there's someone somewhere who looks at my photos and takes time to leave some messages!

Papua New Guinea

My ego was flattered. I felt like the most important amateur photographer on Earth. Then I received an email from The Economist asking me for an Oman pic to be used in an ad. (What? I can earn money with my pics??? And they even paid!) I went to Papua New Guinea, put my pics online, received comments, faves, you know the story! GEO USA called me: "Hi, we saw your Papua pictures on Flickr. We want 12 pages for GEO Germany, OK?" (Yes, sir!)

A French editor saw my photos and asked me if I was OK making a book. (No problemo!) My book was released this Christmas and was number 10 on last week! Lonely Planet, National Geographic Russia, Get Lost, UNESCO Magazine, etc. bought my pictures thru Flickr. And then, the leading French photography agency Eyedea (Rapho, HoaQI, Gamma) contacted me and signed me few weeks ago!

So, YES, Flickr works and... well, now, I must leave you cuz I have to pack my bags and go to India for one month to shoot!

Eric LafforgueI keep posting on Flickr as it remains the most powerful tool to be seen on the Web and in search engines, and I do not want to lose the direct contacts I've got with the world jury that comments on my stream.

Thank you, Yahoo!!