Jasmine and Anthony: A Match Made in Flickr Heaven

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Hearing stories about people meeting online isn’t unusual. Nearly one-third of new couples now meet through the web and the Internet has become second-most common way to meet a significant other. But while online-dating sites might be the most obvious way to connect online, a different kind of web forum is quickly emerging as a new and seemingly unlikely way to meet a match: Flickr.

Since Flickr’s inception in 2004, users have used the photo sharing site to post and share their best photographs with their families, friends and the larger Flickr community, often forming connections with virtual strangers over shared photography related interests. Missouri couple Jasmine Garcia and Anthony Tripoli first connected through Flickr in 2007 when Anthony began following Jasmine's photo stream, keeping up with her latest updates and providing her with valuable feedback on her photography. Flickr exchanges eventually turned into phone chats, which turned into an in-person meeting when Jasmine accepted Anthony’s Valentine's Day  invitation to visit him in Columbia, Missouri. The rest is Flickr history.

Jasmine and Anthony, who recently moved from Missouri to Las Vegas have found a way to honor the medium that brought them together by launching a joint photography venture thrashionistas.com that they promote through Flickr. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Anthony discusses the couple’s love for photography, each other and the photo sharing site that made it all happen.
Jasmine and Anthony: A Match Made in Flickr Heaven

Flickr and dating? Seems like an unusual combination. How did Flickr spark your interest in one another?

Often when I browse Flickr, I'll look at the photos that my friends have marked as favorites as a way to explore the work of other photographers. It was by doing this that I discovered Jasmine. Her photos touched something in me and I added her a Flickr friend, began commenting on her photos and it took off from there.

You seem to have a lot of admiration for Jasmine’s work. What is your favorite photo that she has taken and why?

It’s hard to pick my favorite photo of Jasmine’s because I genuinely love and feel inspired by all of her work, but if I had to point to something, I would choose a portrait she did of our friend Ann. We collaborated on the lighting for that one, and actually used leftover Christmas lights from our house to create that kind of ethereal glow around her.

Is there a particular aesthetic you share when it comes to photography?

We both enjoy portraiture and taking photos of people as well as lifestyle-oriented photography. Jasmine has an amazing eye and an uncanny ability to capture people in the most flattering and personal ways. I am very technical and obsess over getting the lighting right, making sure the depth of field is perfect for the photo and that the environment is just right. We also both have tattoos and enjoy finding creative ways to capture the beauty of body art through photography.
Jasmine and Anthony: A Match Made in Flickr Heaven

You are both avid photographers, how did your mutual love for this medium translate into a joint career?

We have been working side by side on different freelance photo assignments under the name Thrashonistas for the better part of a year now. We book mostly local editorial and commercial work including portraiture and tattoo shops and we hope to eventually move to Los Angeles to pursue photography on a larger scale. We still have our individual Flickr accounts, which we use regularly to promote our personal work as well as our thrashonistas work.

Any advice for other Flickr users hoping to make a love connection through the site?

Flickr is an ideal way for photo enthusiasts to meet people who share similar interests in photography. Whether you both love taking photos with a specific camera, enjoy photographing landscapes or whatever your passion may be, Flickr can be best way to connect. Jasmine and my's attraction to each others Flickr photos led to us talking more, which led us to where we are today. So my best advice is to not hesitate to reach out to anyone on Flickr who’s photos spark your interest. You never know where it might take you.

Check out Anthony and Jasmine's Flickr profiles and view their Trashonistas work here.

Photos: Available from Jasmine Garcia and Anthony Tripoli/ FLICKR