A little taste of Beck

Beck at Yahoo! - photo by laughing squidWords can't describe how crazy cool it was to have Beck and his band kick off our first open Hack Day. That's why we pulled together a short concert clip. We'd love to play back the whole gig, but... you know, artist contracts. At least this gives you a flavor.

When we approached Beck's management (working a skateboard angle), we suggested a low-key acoustic set, assuming he wasn't big on corporate events. Instead, they rolled up with three tour buses, two semi's filled with staging and lighting equipment, a puppet show, bear costumes, and a video they custom produced for the grand finale. Safe to say every expectation was exceeded.

After the concert, Beck et al lingered to check out the hack action, pick up some schwag and talk to some "epic genius freaks." One thing is for sure — we're all wondering how we're going to top this.