Live from CES, News from Yahoo! Connected TV and IntoNow from Yahoo!

Live from CES, News from Yahoo! Connected TV and IntoNow from Yahoo!

Following our news about a new original video series with Tom Hanks made this morning at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show, we have news for all you TV lovers out there about Yahoo! Connected TV and IntoNow from Yahoo! as well.

For Yahoo! Connected TV, we’re excited to announce that broadcast interactivity becomes available on Sony BRAVIA® TVs at CES this week. Yahoo!’s broadcast interactivity technology shows real-time Internet content and activities that complement the TV show or commercial you’re watching. For example, you’ll be able to vote for the boxer you think will win a live match on Showtime, or research and purchase an item featured on HSN in real-time – all right from your remote control! In the future, you’ll be able to get this technology on many more TVs as well, so that while you’re watching your favorite shows, you can also enjoy relevant show trivia, voting, shopping, videos, photos, game show interaction and more.

Each month, more than a million people engage with the Yahoo! Connected TV experience to access Internet and video content from a collection of more than 180 TV apps. New TV apps from top brands including ABC, AT&T Yellow Pages, Disney, ESPN, iHeart Radio by Clear Channel and The Wall Street Journal will be showcased this week at CES. We’ll also be demoing new Yahoo! Connected TV mobile apps that will let people use their smartphones and tablets to more easily interact with their TV apps, whether it’s for remote control-like functionality, or for video playback and text-entry capabilities for posting updates and comments or making purchases.

IntoNow from Yahoo! is teaming up with Spike TV, which will broadcast live from the CES show floor. During their broadcast tomorrow, you can use IntoNow to tag Spike TV's coverage of CES and unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, chat with the hosts and more!

It’s clear that people are relying on apps across all of the screens in their lives, and we expect consumer usage of TV apps to evolve and rapidly increase as Internet-connected devices become mainstream in 2012. Stay tuned here for more in 2012 about new and innovative connected experiences from Yahoo!.