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Flickr cat at Maker Faire 2006The second annual (San Francisco) Bay Area Maker Faire opens at the San Mateo Fairgrounds this weekend and Yahoo! will be there. Maker Faire is a family-friendly, hands-on celebration of the DIY spirit, created by O'Reilly Media, publishers of Make and Craft magazines. A two-day festival at the intersection of science, art, technology and fun, Maker Faire is a one-of-a-kind place for passionate hobbyists, backyard tinkerers, grassroots inventors, their friends, fans, and favorite robot companions.

This is Yahoo!'s second year participating as a sponsor and we've got all kinds of cool stuff happening at our booth. Jump into the Flickr photo frame and get your Polaroid portrait taken by friendly Flickristas. Or get your hack on with the two winning teams from last fall's open Hack Day:

  • Fashion hackers Diana Eng and Emily Albinski, winners of Hack Day 2006, will be back at the Faire (where we first met them last year) with a ruggedized and redesigned blogging wearable, which you can take for a spin (Saturday and Sunday, every 30 minutes; first come, first served). The Blogging in Motion device will automatically upload photos to a live Flickr photostream as you stroll with it around the Faire. This wearable uses Yahoo! Research Berkeley's ZoneTag prototype to automatically annotate your photos with a geographic location.
  • Uncommon Projects' Tarikh Korula and Josh Rooke-Ley, the creators of YBox and 2nd place winners at Hack Day, will present four 2-hour workshops over the course of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday, 10:30-12:30 and 2:30-4:30. Sign-ups first come, first served). They've designed a custom hardware and software kit for building your own always-on, Internet appliance. The YBox fits in an Altoids tin that attaches to a standard TV set — "like Konfabulator for TV, turning TV into a platform for helpful, easy-to-read, live internet channels." Eighty Maker Faire attendees will be able to assemble and take home their own YBox at the Faire, while others can watch the action via live video.

Stop by our comfy Internet lounge and discover how Yahoo! can help you be a better builder, crafter, hacker, player, maker. And if you can't get there, you can armchair-travel with Flickr to relive the weekend afterwards.

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