Moblogging purse takes Hack Day grand prize

Hack Day winnersBlack Box Nation, a team of three fashion designers turned hardware hackers, unanimously swept our first open Hack Day event by mashing together a purse fitted with a Nokia camera phone, Bluetooth GPS, a pedometer and ZoneTag, a prototype from Yahoo! Research Berkeley that geotags photos and uploads them to Flickr. Every few steps, the purse snaps a photo and moblogs it, creating a photo diary of the day. Creators Diana Eng, Emily Albinski and Audrey Roy all get to fight over the 32" plasma TV they won. And if Diana looks familiar to you, she was the nerdy aspiring fashion designer on Project Runway. More here. Photos here.

We're all pretty wiped out from the weekend, which was described as transformative, off the hook, familial and hard to top. People came from Boston, Florida, New York, Tennessee, Chicago, Vancouver, and Abbotsford, Ontario. The hacks were judged by David Filo, Jeff Weiner, Ash Patel, Bradley Horowitz, Chad Dickerson, David Hornik, Peter Fenton, Gina Trapani, Salim Ismael and Mike Arrington.

For you numbers types, we had nearly 250 hackers at our developer workshops, roughly 50 campers and a grand total of 54 hacks demos. Sustenance included 14 kegs of beer, 400 large pizzas (that’s 3500 slices), 280 ounces of nacho cheese, 660 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, 480 ounces of popcorn and all the Red Bull scored from a convenience store at 2:00am.

Rather than giving you the blow-by-blow run down, I thought I'd let the prolific attendees, judges and Yahoos put it in their own words (and images):

And that's just a taste of the buzz out there. If you've got time to kill, search for "hackday06" or "yahoo hack day" on Flickr and you'll find a bonanza of more than 3,000 photos. It's worth the ride.

And stay tuned for a sweet clip of Beck's performance. Coming very soon.

UPDATE: Here's a list of all Hack Day winners.