Numbers that mean business

index toolsWhat is the Holy Grail for online marketers? Well, it starts with knowing in real time whether your campaign is working or not. And it ends with turning that insight into tweaks that improve performance.

After all, nothing is worse for advertisers — and consumers — than marketing that bombs.

Enter IndexTools, a leading provider of Web analytics software for online marketing, which we announced we’re acquiring today. Their technology will give our customers tools for monitoring and analyzing websites and marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights into key metrics, traffic patterns and performance. And that means consumers are more likely to see marketing content that’s engaging and relevant.

We’ll initially make these tools available to our vast community of 150,000 small- to medium-sized business customers, but we’ll eventually extend them to third party developers who can use them to track how their applications are performing with visitors.

When it comes to marketers, we have just one goal: To be their partner of choice. IndexTools is another great arrow in our quiver.

Bassel Ojjeh
SVP and Head of Yahoo! Strategic Data Solutions