The one-stop Yahoo! shop

The Yahoo! Company Store is all dressed up for its online debut. The site, which showcases the new summer collection, is the destination for all things purple and yodelicious.

The site sports cooler, cleaner designs than the old Yahoo! Gear site. You'll note that the Y-Bang (you know, the "Y!" logo) is the reigning motif. Emoticons are très chic this season. And, of course, purple is always en vogue.

Have a hankering for schwag? Come check out the array of more than 150 items. Merchandise includes games and gadgets, stuff for your pets and kids, bags and luggage, stylin' Ts and jackets, and cubeland essentials. No clue what to give that special someone? A gift certificate is always a safe bet. (Apologies to those outside the U.S. — no international shipping yet.)

While pet stuff, yo-yos, and flip-top USB drives fly off the shelves the fastest, what’s more fun (and funky) are these items:Purple flexible keyboard

Now, don't get us wrong — our physical Company Store locations still have open arms. But they're not quite as welcoming when you're in your PJs. And just so you know, all those shiny, happy models on the site are real Yahoos and their kids. Yeah, we're that cheap.

BTW: The Yahoo! Company Store is hosted by the Yahoo! Small Business e-commerce platform called Merchant Solutions, which means whether it's soap, soda, sofas, or cellophane, anyone can create a site as spiffy as this one.

Doreen Bloch
Yahoo! Intern