Remake America on Age Discrimination in the Workforce: Leslie’s Story

Four years ago, Leslie was a successful Phoenix- based real estate agent with more than 30 years of experience under her belt. But when the housing market tanked, so did her career and Leslie found herself out of work and struggling to keep the roof over her head. This episode of Yahoo! News’ Remake America highlights the struggles that Leslie has faced braving the job market as an older worker in a work environment where, according to Leslie, decades of experience do not hold the weight they should among employers.

After sending out hundreds of unanswered applications and attending a number of fruitless job fairs, Leslie was on the brink of selling her home when Yahoo! News’ Remake America stepped in. After a consultation with career expert Tory Johnson, Leslie was sent to New York City and given the opportunity to interview for her dream job as a sales trainer with Dale Carnegie, one of the premier sales training agencies in the world.

But when her interviewer presented her with a quirky challenge to test her sales skills, it was up to Leslie to prove that she still has the energy, spunk and creativity to rival any of her younger counterparts. Did her quick thinking and sales tactics land her the job? Find out on this episode of Remake America and tune in next Monday to learn about a wounded Iraq war veteran’s struggle to transition from warfare to workforce.

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Photo of Leslie courtesy of Pamela Dancil