Talkin’ about Girl Talk

Open Hack Day 091Outside of the Building C cafeteria and current Hack Central, the lawn was flickering red and blue from the oscillating banks of stage lights -- laptops closed up and pizzas were scarfed down as the mass of hackers streamed out of the exits. Helpful volunteers handed out glowsticks that became so many headbands, necklaces, or the rare eyeglasses. There was a significant amount of confusion about the tarps that covered the dance floor -- was there a splash zone? Was Shamu the opening act? -- so the crowd mostly gathered around the edges and waited patiently.

A roar went up as Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP and hardcore Yahoo) got up on stage and thanked all of the attendees, ingratiating himself by alluding to his many, many years of hacking, to which the crowd shouted, "Prove it!" (as well as a couple of other amusing comments that probably aren't appropriate for a family blog). He also solved the tarp mystery -- the grounds were damp due to the sprinklers ("Booo irrigation!") -- and passed the mic over to Cody Simms for the official band introduction. Cody then passed the mic over to the official band for the official band introduction, but not before expounding on how much this band/person exemplified the open and creative spirit of Open Hack Day, mashing up hundreds of songs in his albums and offering his music for whatever price users are willing to pay on his personal website.

Open Hack Day 190After a confusing delay that the concert-goers filled with slow claps and yells for encores, the speakers blared out, "Girl talk! Girl talk girl talk girl talk!" So we knew we were at the right concert, at least. Girl Talk, fronted by and actually entirely composed of Gregg, bounded onto the stage and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with his phat beats and deftly mixed samples, using a classy Dell laptop that ended up with way more beer on it than when it started (in an interesting parallel, Gregg ended up with far less clothes on him than when he started). Confetti was distributed to key locations among the crowd and flung into the air along with a multitude of beach balls. Enterprising members of the front row stormed the stage and started an impromptu dance party behind Gregg, exhorting the crowd in front of them to the tunes of "Since You've Been Gone", Beck (an homage to the last Open Hack Day?), and many others. Notable luminaries spotted on stage included the well-known, like David Filo, Ash Patel, and one of the cofounders of Pownce, but also newly-minted celebrities, like that guy with the awesome mustache and the Indian dude who kept flippin' us The Bird.

It was a hugely enjoyable show that kept us dancing and rocking all night long, and hopefully we'll have a video available soon. In the meantime, check out the some of the photos in our Flickr photostream. Wish you'd been here, and if you were, hope you had fun! Now get back to work!