Give them The Finger

The Finger BarAs evidence of our strategy to become the “must buy” for the most advertisers by ensuring the most effective and easiest marketing solutions, I am pleased to announce a significant strategic partnership with Nestlé USA in support of their rebranding effort for the iconic American candy bar, the Butterfinger. Effective immediately, the company will officially changed the name of the bar to “The Finger.”

To quote Nestlé’s press release announcing the initiative, “The renaming program reflects the results of a two-year comprehensive study conducted by the company into consumer perceptions of the Butterfinger name. According to the study, an overwhelming majority of consumers identified the phrase with undesirable traits, such as being clumsy, awkward, and lacking in physical coordination, skill, or grace.”

Nestlé has partnered with Yahoo! to provide consumers with a robust, turnkey solution for providing fans of the crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery taste with more insights into the brand transformation. The robust new packaging instructs users to go to Yahoo! and search for “The Finger” to find more information, creating unique synergies and cross pollination opportunities between the two leading brands.

This cutting-edge campaign leverages Yahoo!’s pioneering approach toward creating premier opportunities for its marketing customers. We believe this sort of high-performance solution will continue to empower marketers to broaden their horizons as they build next-generation online brand identities.

UPDATE: Ok, people, you’ve probably figured this out by now — this is all just a load of April Fool’s horse puckey. But we are partnering with Nestlé to launch the new Butterfinger Comedy Network on Yahoo! Video, featuring hundreds of the funniest comedies, spoofs, pranks, and standups from across the Web. And Nestlé actually is distributing these clever babies — 200,000 free Finger bars are now available at 2,000 7-Eleven stores across the country. Or you can bid on one on Ebay’s Giving Works site. Tasty.

Curtiss Barr
Director, Global Partner Solutions