Want to Win Big at the Super Bowl – Use IntoNow for a Chance to Win Pepsi MAX for Life

What if a commercial could do more than inform and entertain? What if, for example, it could give you a chance to win an incredible prize automatically and in real-time, right as you see it on TV? Does that sound far-fetched? Dare us to try it?

Well, consider your dare accepted. Pepsi MAX and IntoNow from Yahoo! are teaming up for a first-of-its-kind, multi-step companion experience during this year’s Super Bowl weekend. It’s a true “see it on TV, win it in real life” promotion and one lucky IntoNow user is already destined to win free Pepsi MAX for life!

Get your tablets and smartphones ready. Here’s how it will go down this weekend:

  • First, if you haven’t already, you’ve got to get IntoNow from Yahoo!. You can download it for free here for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and here if you have an Android phone.
  • Next, tune into the NFL Honors award show, which is being hosted by Alec Baldwin and will air on Saturday, February 4 at 9:00 PM EST on NBC. Since 2002 Pepsi has presented the fan selected Pepsi Rookie of the Year award, and this year the award will be presented during NFL Honors. Once you tune in, use IntoNow to tag the program with one simple tap. This will get you some behind the scenes footage and ensure you get a notification to enter the sweepstakes during the Super Bowl.
  • Speaking of the Super Bowl, with smartphone or iPad in hand, tune into the big game on Sunday and tag it with IntoNow.  When the Pepsi MAX ad airs during the game, IntoNow will synchronize with your TV, unlocking your entry into the Pepsi MAX for Life sweepstakes. It’s simple, fast, and, as we like to call it, “automagical.”

You’ll be one of the first folks in the world to experience a commercial that not only knows you’re there, but jumps into your living room and gives you a shot at winning Pepsi MAX for life.

Want to Win Big at the Super Bowl – Use IntoNow for a Chance to Win Pepsi MAX for Life

If you want to see how the magic of IntoNow works for way more than commercials, check out this video.

At Yahoo!, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the Pepsi MAX sweepstakes right into your living room with IntoNow, and to be part of a bigger story that’s unfolding all Super Bowl weekend.  Earlier this week Pepsi MAX shared their latest Pepsi MAX commercial, "Check-Out," which will air during the Super Bowl and trigger your entry into the sweepstakes. You’ll also see that a certain Pepsi MAX competitor's deliveryman, who happens to have a secret craving for Pepsi MAX, is also in for a "Pepsi MAX for Life” surprise.

It’s all in good fun and demonstrates the creative ways that Pepsi MAX and IntoNow from Yahoo! are pushing the envelope in digital marketing.

"Pepsi MAX partnered with IntoNow for an award winning campaign last year, so we're excited to team up again for another promotion during Super Bowl weekend,” said Sam Duboff, Pepsi MAX brand team. “IntoNow provides engaging opportunities to port our TV creative to the real world. Last year, when consumers tagged a Pepsi MAX Major League Baseball ad, they were served a coupon for the Pepsi MAX being advertised. Our Super Bowl weekend partnership this year takes 'see it on TV, win it in real life' to the next level. Consumers see Pepsi MAX for Life come to life in a playful way during our Super Bowl commercial, and then with IntoNow from Yahoo! we're able to extend that ultimate prize to our fans."

Want to Win Big at the Super Bowl – Use IntoNow for a Chance to Win Pepsi MAX for LifeTune into the NFL Honors and the Super Bowl this week and see what Pepsi MAX and IntoNow have in store for you. And enjoy the game!

Want to Win Big at the Super Bowl – Use IntoNow for a Chance to Win Pepsi MAX for Life