Weekly Yahoo! Search Trends – April 15, 2011

Yahoo! aggregates the billions of searches performed across Yahoo! properties to give the pulse on what people are thinking and talking about. Searches represent the people, an instant poll every moment of the day, looking into the fleeting moods and entrenched attitudes of Internet users across the world. Each week Yahoo! Web Life Editor Heather Cabot explores these trends on local and national broadcast. Spring has sprung and people are turning to Yahoo! to find the latest fitness trends, the upcoming religious holidays are getting buzz online and celebrity news is keeping people interested.

Outdoor Fitness Trends
The race to get in shape for summer is on – at least according to searches on Yahoo! this week.   We're inundated with queries for “the best way to lose weight.” And it’s not just Atkins and South Beach.  Folks want to try more variety in their attempts to get beach ready – searches for “raw food” diet are up 106% and also “the paleo diet” – that’s up 52 this month.

And along with changing eating habits, Yahoo! users want to switch up fitness routines.  Gym rats seem to be hitting the great outdoors.  Searches for treadmills are down 26% compared to last year but hiking yoga and outdoor yoga mats are rising.  Bootcamp workouts – both indoor and outdoor -  continue to spark interest mostly among women who make up more than two thirds of the searches.  And most of the ladies are from California, teas and Georgia.

Passover & Easter Trends
All that exercise and eating well may be put on hold though as we head into two big holidays next week.  Queries for Passover recipes are up 85%.  Easter cakes and Easter candy are spiking, too.  Searches for the Easter bunny started back in February! And here’s something cute, apparently more girls than boys are looking up the bunny online. Searches are almost six times higher for girls under thirteen than boys.

And what about Easter’s favorite treat, Peeps are spiking on Yahoo! this week. Some fun facts:

  • 63% of searches for peeps come from females – Missouri searches the most for Peeps in the past month
  • Peeps sunflower cakes are spiking this week on Yahoo!
  • Peep craft ideas are spiking on Yahoo!
  • Peeps coupons are spiking on Yahoo!
  • Peeps recipes are spiking on Yahoo!
  • People even search for “what can I do with peeps”

Check this out: There are over 1,700 photos tagged “Easter Peeps” on Flickr:

Summer Jobs
It seems young women are more active online when it comes to looking for summer employment. Girls made up 69% of the searches for summer jobs over the last month on Yahoo!.  Where do they want to get hired? Mcdonald’s, Macy’s, star bucks, Walgreens and Whole Foods top the list, of top searched jobs.  We also noticed that more parents may be helping with job searches for their kids this year. Overall, searches for summer jobs by teenagers are down 31% compared to last year.  Yet queries for teen summer jobs by people over the age of forty-five are up 6%.

Check out the video for more trends spiking this week.

-The Search Trends Team, for questions please contact the team at searchtrendsteam@yahoo-inc.com