Weekly Yahoo! Search Trends – February 11, 2010

Yahoo! aggregates the billions of searches performed across Yahoo! properties to give the pulse on what people are thinking and talking about. Searches represent the people, an instant poll every moment of the day, looking into the fleeting moods and entrenched attitudes of Internet users across the world. Each week Yahoo! Web Life Editor Heather Cabot explores these trends on local and national broadcast. Bieber Fever is at an all time high this week and love is on the minds of web searches.

Bieber Fever
This weekend marks a milestone for Justin Bieber, the pop star’s 3-D movie “Never Say Never” is hitting theatres and searches on Yahoo! for the flick are off the charts. Check out the trailer on Yahoo! Movies:

Over the last thirty days, we’ve seen fans flocking to the web to find out as much as they can about the singer – like how tall he is…what’s his phone number… and of course, whom is he dating – including Selena Gomez. Searches for Bieber and the Disney starlet are up 1,200% this month. And though the two have denied a romance, it seems heartbroken girls still don’t believe it. They are searching for photos and details.

Valentine’s Day Trends
And speaking of love, if you haven’t ordered those roses or planned a romantic Valentine’s dinner, you are running out of time! Seems we have a lot of procrastinators heading to Yahoo! to figure out how they’re going to mark Valentine’s Day. Most of them are women. Ladies are definitely putting in more effort to find the perfect present – searches for “valentine’s gifts for boyfriends” are up 271%. And we've saw Valentine's related searches from women start way back before Christmas! We are not, however, seeing a similar spike from the guys online – maybe they’ll simply be sending a text, email or message through social networks. Searches for “how to type a heart on a keyboard” jumped this week. And for the gamer in your life, we’re also seeing a surge in queries for Angry Birds and Farmville Valentines.

Need some ideas? Check out the gift guides on Yahoo! Shopping:

Check out the video for more trends spiking this week.