Yahoo! Searches this Week Reveal Mother’s Day Mania, Love for The Great Gatsby, Ombre Trends, and Smart Phone Buzz

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

Happy Mother's Day!:

Mother’s Day is Sunday and Yahoo! users are looking for the perfect way to express their love to mom. In fact, searches for [mothers day cards] are spiking 3258% this week on Yahoo!.

But beyond a nice card or note, people often celebrate the holiday with a good meal. Searches for [mothers day brunch 2013] are up 635%, and with 63% of searches coming from women, it sounds like the daughters are doing most of the planning this year.

So what are sons, daughters and husbands going to cook for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed? The top searched recipes on Yahoo! this week are: [breakfast casserole recipes] (up 212%), [quiche recipes], [crock pot breakfast recipes], [cinnamon rolls] and [how to cook bacon in the oven].

Don’t forget to pick up your gifts before Sunday! Searches for [mothers day gifts] and [mothers day gift ideas], are spiking on Yahoo! this week. And it looks like the little ones will be taking the traditional approach and making their own Mother’s Day gifts as searches for [mothers day crafts for kids], [mothers day songs], [mothers day quotes], and [mothers day gift baskets] are buzzing on Yahoo!.

Not sure what to you get your mom this year? Check out these stylish Mother’s Day gift ideas from our partner ABC News on Yahoo! News.

This Summer is All About Gatsby:

Combine Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan together in one movie and you are sure to get searches! The Great Gatsby is drumming up a ton of buzz on Yahoo!, and searches for the movie are up 279% this week on Yahoo!.

All this 1920’s talk has got people thinking about 20’s inspired fashion too. Searches for [flapper dresses] are up more than 475% this month -- perhaps it’s The Great Gatsby effect! Searches are also up 60% for [the great Gatsby summary] (likely coming from students who are reading the book), and up 53% for [great Gatsby soundtrack].

Can’t get enough of The Great Gatsby cast? Catch all your favorite stars on the red carpet of The Great Gatsby premiere on omg! Insider.

Two-tone Hair Style:

Believe it or not, ombre hair styles are still all the rage! In fact, searches for [ombre hair] are up 25% this week on Yahoo!. And while some folks plan to hit the salon, others want to know how to get the trendy two-toned locks at home. Searches for [ombre kit] and [how to ombre your hair] are spiking on Yahoo!.

Blonde isn’t the only option when spicing up your ‘do. People are also searching for [red ombre hair] this week. No surprise here -- 84% of searches for [ombre hairstyle] come from females. And the states that are likely to have the most two toned hair: California, Texas, New York, Illinois and Florida.

Think ombre is just a hairstyle trend? Searches on Yahoo! for [ombre nails] and [ombre dress] are also spiking this week. Check out how star Nina Dobrev rocked ombre jeans this week on omg! Insider.

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