Yahoo! Searches this Week Reveal Prom Preparation, NFL Draft Buzz, and Decorating 101

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

Say Yes to the Prom Dress:

It's that time of year when high school seniors go through the American teenage rite of passage: PROM! Yahoo! users are searching for the most stylish looks in dresses, hair, and nails. And it looks like most teens are heading away from the traditional long dress, as well as the modern chic style, according to top Yahoo! searches. This month, [short prom dresses] have spiked 837%. Interestingly, [camo prom dresses] are spiking 365% this week too. Other top searches include [sexy prom dresses], [duct tape prom dresses], [vintage prom dresses], [retro prom dresses], [affordable prom dresses], and [purple prom dresses].

But we all know it’s not just about the dress. Hair and nails are also a large part of looking fabulous for the big dance. The term [Prom hairstyles 2013] is spiking 1851% this month on Yahoo!, and [prom updos] are spiking 1294% --- woah! The perfect finishing touch to the prom outfit, [manicures], are spiking 173% this month. What new nail trends are Yahoo! users interested in? Top searches this week include: [gel nails vs acrylic nails], [solar nails], [liquid nails], [ombre nails], [stiletto nails], [gel nails at home], and [minx nails].

From hair and nails to limos and dinner, parents are planning to spend big bucks on their teen’s prom this year. To find out exactly how much parents are willing to shell out for the big night, check out this story from Associated Press on Yahoo! News.

Get Ready for Some Football!:

Yahoo! users are ready for football season! NFL Draft searches are up 13% this year compared to 2012 and searches for the term [NFL Draft Projections] are up 127% in the past week.

Yahoo! users are searching for the football stars of tomorrow. So, which rookies are burning up the Internet? Football fans seem the most interested in: Alabama Running Back Eddie Lacy, Central Michigan Offensive Tackler Eric Fisher, Florida State Offensive Tackler Menelik Watson, and Florida State Defensive End Bjoern Werner. Searches for all 4 of them have been off the charts over the last 30 days. That’s not all -- Oregon Defensive End Dion Jordan remains a force to be reckoned with online. He has recently seen a massive 441% spike in searches.

It’s no doubt that there are Football fans all over the country, but the top cities searching on Yahoo! for the draft in the past month are: Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN), Green Bay-Appleton (WI), Madison (WI), Pittsburgh (PA), and Milwaukee (WI), in that order. 

Catching the Spring Decorating Itch:

What better way to welcome Spring than by spicing up your home with colorful new decor! Re-decorating is top of mind for Yahoo! users this week. Searches for [bedroom decorating ideas], [living room decorating], [home decorating ideas], [interior decorating], [bathroom decorating ideas], and [decorative pillows] are all spiking. And it looks like women are doing most of the redecorating around the house, as 67% of searches for [home décor] come from females.

Contemplating a kitchen makeover but don’t want to spend a fortune? Get some wallet-friendly tips from Freshome on Yahoo! Homes.

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