@yahoo delivers #bestoftheweb

By Marissa Mayer, CEO

Updates direct from politicians, celebrities, media outlets, and other publishers have become an important source of real-time news and information. 140 characters can connect athletes with their fans, capture live chatter from the red carpet, and inspire global debate.

Tweets have become an important information source for many of our users, so we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Twitter to bring Tweets directly into the Yahoo! newsfeed.

An ABC World News Tweet in the Yahoo! newsfeed

As users explore our nearly endless stream of content, we will  seamlessly include relevant and personalized Tweets alongside stories from Yahoo! and our other sources. With this greater breadth of compelling content, we’re excited to give our users even more opportunities to learn and connect. Users now also have an easy way to discover relevant and interesting people and publishers to follow on Twitter, personalized to their interests and preferences.

From music to sports, news to entertainment, we're committed to delivering our users the very best of the web, and our continued partnership with Twitter is an exciting leap forward in our endeavors. 

This integration will roll out to all U.S. desktop and mobile web users over the next few days, so please check it out, and let us know what you think.