Yahoo! Launches Yahoo! Advertising Solutions

Yahoo! Launches Yahoo! Advertising Solutions
After months of brainstorming, researching, designing, engineering, writing, reworking, user testing, and collecting focus-group insights, the Yahoo! B2B group is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new advertising portal, Yahoo! Advertising Solutions.

The portal, which debuted today, is a leap forward in communicating and showcasing Yahoo!’s advertising solutions for mid-to-large tier advertisers and agencies, giving Yahoo! a powerful vehicle to drive B2B Marketing goals and re-establish the company as a thought leader in the industry.

Most importantly, the portal intends to foster a water-cooler environment for marketers, ad creatives, producers, publishers, and other advertising execs to be educated and inspired by Yahoo!-specific and industry-related content. Together with award-winning advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Yahoo!’s engineering, UED, and B2B teams worked hard to construct a content-rich experience within a modern visual design.

The content on the portal combines two key elements of engagement: inspiration and information/education. With demos, videos, articles, and more, the site provides valuable and relevant info to help Yahoo!’s core audiences.

In addition to offering updated content on properties, products, audiences, and services, Yahoo! is proud to announce the new Futurist Series, kicking off with a video keynote by New York Times best-selling author Seth Godin (named “America’s Best Marketer” by American Way magazine). The portal also features a Y! Expert Q&A video series with industry knowledge from the likes of Yahoo! insiders Chris Barr and Lesley Kao.

Yahoo! Launches Yahoo! Advertising Solutions

Other areas to check out include: Creative Canvas, a collection of inspiring and engaging ads found at the Inspiration tab; Industry Knowledge, where you can tune in to the latest industry events and read news, insights, and blogs (such as Adweek, Digital Daily, MediaMemo, and more); and Y! Media Kit, which features a collection of easy-to-download insights, case studies, and research papers.

Say hello to Advertising Solutions, the new Yahoo! portal that promises to inspire, inform, educate, and help advertisers and agencies do business in new and creative ways.—Kylee Swenson Gordon