Yahoo! Searches This Week Reveal Holiday Favorites

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights some of the daily search habits on Yahoo! -.Ed

Did You know - Holiday Edition:

  • Did you know that every December during the first and second week of the month, searches on Yahoo! spike for [puppies]. Did you also know that the first week of January every year that searches spike for [how to train a puppy]. The world’s cutest dog on Yahoo!’s Year In Review site. 
  • Did you know that in October and November each year, on Yahoo!, that [engagement rings] spike as folks get ready to propose for Christmas. In mid-December searches spike for [proposal ideas]. Did you get engaged during the holidays?!
  • It seems that people turn to Yahoo! for ideas on what to buy for the holidays. Searches have spiked this week on Yahoo! for [what to buy your boyfriends mom], [what to buy a guy who has everything], [what to buy my wife for christmas]. Check out the Holiday Gift Guide from Yahoo! Shopping for some ideas.

Holiday Deliciousness!
From eggnog to cider many are in the mood for holiday drinks. Eggnog is everywhere. Searches for [egg nog recipes] are up 69% this week. People are searching for [eggnog cookies], [eggnog cheesecake], [eggnog pie], [eggnog cake]. Some are unclear what eggnog is and are searching [what is egg nog] and [how to make eggnog]. A few more interesting eggnog searches [eggnog cupcakes], [eggnog martini], [eggnog bread], [eggnog covered almonds] and [eggnog bread].

Cider is another holiday drink that is buzzing on Yahoo! as we get closer to the Christmas holiday. Searches on Yahoo! are spiking for [hot apple cider recipe], [sparkling cider], [butternut squash and apple cider soup], [how to make apple cider], [mulled cider recipe], [easy apple cider recipe], and [spiced cranberry apple cider recipes].

Flavors of The Season:
You know it is holiday season when searches for all things peppermint pop on Yahoo!. The most popular peppermint related search is for [peppermint bark recipes]. Other peppermint related searches include: [peppermint candy], [peppermint stirring candy sticks], [peppermint martini recipe], [peppermint cheesecake], [peppermint tea], [peppermint patty recipe], and [peppermint candy]. Some non-food related peppermint searches on Yahoo! include: [peppermint sugar scrub] and [peppermint oil].

Christmas Cookies:
Time to break out the baking sheets and get ready for the cookie exchanges, in late November early December each year [cookie recipes] spike on Yahoo!. This week searches on Yahoo! are off the charts for [Christmas cookies]. The top searched cookie this week on Yahoo! [sugar cookies] followed by [peanut butter cookies], [no bake cookies], [gingerbread cookies], [chocolate chip cookies] and [pumpkin cookies]. 23% of searches for [cookie recipes] come from males. If you aren’t into cookies, searches for [rice krispie treats] also spiked this week. Need some inspiration? Check out 25 Cookies Worth Getting Your Mixer Out For on Yahoo! Shine.

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