Yahoo! Searches This Week Reveal Stylish Scarves & Boots Are Spiking , Bachelor Buzz, and Harlem Shake Mania

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

Stylish Scarves & Boots:

Scarfs are making a comeback this winter and searches for [how to tie a scarf] have spiked 86% in the past week on Yahoo!. Searches for [how to wear a scarf] are up. How do you tie your scarf? The [circle scarf] is very popular among searchers. With lots of rain on the east coast it is no surprise that searches for [rain boots] are spiking 147% this week on Yahoo!. Searches for [stylish rain boots] have also spiked this week on Yahoo!. The top searched brand of rain boots are [hunter rain boots] and they are spiking 86% this week. Other rain boot related searches include: [womens rain boots], [sperry rain boots], [coach rain boots], [toddler rain boots]. Thinking of doing some DIYing? Check out this how-to from Martha Stewart on Yahoo! Shine - "How To Make Pretty Dip-Dyed Scarves"

Who Will Get the Final Rose on The Bachelor?:

The finale is almost here, and America can hardly wait to see who will receive the final rose from bachelor Sean Lowe. And it seems that impatient fans are having a hard time holding out! Searches on Yahoo! for [who does sean lowe pick] are up 806% this week. Who do you think Sean will pick to be his leading lady? Only time will tell, but Catherine Giudici is the top searched on Yahoo!. The March 11th finale can't come soon enough! Want a recap from this week's episode? Check out Yahoo! TV's recap here.


Harlem Shake-It-Out:

From family rooms and offices to local shopping malls, people everywhere are jumping on the viral phenomenon that is the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake is buzzing on Yahoo! and searches for [how to do the harlem shake] are off the charts this week!

Out of the tens of thousands of videos online, whose Harlem Shake is buzzing the most on Yahoo!? The [today show harlem shake] is at number one, followed by [kate upton harlem shake] and [jeff gordon harlem shake]. Our four-legged friends are also getting into the action as videos of puppies doing the Harlem Shake are spiking off the charts, too! The top regions searching for the Harlem Shake on Yahoo! are: El Paso, San Antonio, Honolulu, Laredo and Kansas City. Whew!

Can't get enough of this dance craze? Check out some of the best Harlem Shake videos from baseball teams throughout the country on Yahoo! Sports.

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