Yahoo! Searches This Week Show Buzz for the Return of Duck Dynasty, Enthusiasm for St. Patrick's Day, and a Gardening Frenzy

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

The Beards are Back:

The 3rd season of the hit A&E show Duck Dynasty is back in action, and searches for the Robertson family have taken a big leap on Yahoo!. The chatter on Yahoo! is all about the beards, and finding out what the Robertson guys looked like beardless back in the day. The show's top searched characters this week include [Phil Robertson] holding the number 1 slot with a 61% lead, [Willie Robertson] and [Korie Robertson] neck-in-neck for number two, and [Jase Robertson] at number 3.

Wondering who searches the most for the show on Yahoo!? Forty-eight percent are women and fifty-two percent are men. But they're not stopping there. The online shop and merchandise related to the show is also buzzing quite a lot, including duck calls. Quack quack.

Can't get enough of the Robertsons? Check out this Yahoo! TV slideshow that shows the stars, before the beards:

Kiss Me, I'm Irish:

This Sunday is Saint Patrick's Day -- a day to wear green and celebrate the Irish. Many Americans will be attending their local St. Patty's Day parade, so it's no surprise that searches for [st. patrick's day parade] are up 695% this week on Yahoo!.

While many folks will be waving their Irish flags and sporting green shirts at a parade, others will celebrate with a traditional Irish dish. Saint Patrick's Day recipe searches include: [how to cook cabbage], [what is corned beef], [how to make corned beef hash], and [what is corned beef made of]. If you're looking for some healthier options, Good Morning America's Diane Henderiks has some healthy green treat ideas on Yahoo! News.

Not sure what the Irish holiday is all about? You're not alone. Some of the top searched Saint Patrick related questions include: [what colors are in the irish flag], [who was saint Patrick], [what do leprechauns like], and [do green eyes count on st patricks day].


The Time for Spring Gardening Has Arrived:

It's that time of year again to head outside and get your hands dirty! Spring gardening top-of-mind for Americans. In the past month, searches for [gardening] have spiked 273% on Yahoo!. While most of the searches for [gardening] come from those over 35, 13% of searches on Yahoo! come from those 21-34, and women make up 59% of searches for [gardening] this month.

So what type of gardening is getting the most buzz this year? Searches for [square foot gardening] are up 2,204% and searches for [raised bed gardening] have had a jump of 921% in the past 30 days on Yahoo!.

Americans are also looking to Yahoo! to find out when to plant. And what are people planting? The vegetable getting the most buzz is [tomato seeds], especially [heirloom tomato seeds]. Other popular seeds being searched on Yahoo! in the past month include [Heirloom seeds], [Burpee seeds] and [Jung seeds]. Who knew!

Are you a gardening newbie? Take a look at these 5 must-know vegetable gardening tips from our friends at Martha Stewart Living on Yahoo! Shine.

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