Yahoo! Searches this Week Show Excitement for March Madness, A Comeback for Justin Timberlake, and Casserole Love

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

Let the Madness Begin!:
Basketball fans rejoice -- March Madness is officially here! The end of the month marks the start of the NCAA college basketball tournament, and people are searching on Yahoo! for all things basketball-related. Searches for [march madness] are up 177% this week, with 68% of searches coming from males.

Which team are you rooting for? The Syracuse Orange take the number 1 spot for most searched NCAA [basketball] team on Yahoo! in the past 7 days, followed by the Ohio State Buckeyes at the number 2 spot, and Gonzaga at number 3. Which states are the most pumped for March Madness? The top states searching for [march madness] are Washington, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Top Searched basketball teams on Yahoo!searchtrends

NCAA fans are scrambling to pick their March Madness brackets (even the President!), and bracket-related searches are spiking on Yahoo! this month. Searches are up 21543% for [ncaa brackets], up 3619% for [free printable brackets], and searches are spiking for [bracket predictions]. Want to get in on the bracket fun this year? Check out Yahoo!’s Tourney Pick’Em, where you can create a bracket, pick the winners of the final 15 games, and compete against your friends.

Bringing Sexy Back:
It’s official -- Justin Timberlake is back. Searches have spiked 325% on Yahoo! for his new album, “20/20 Experience.” But not all searches for JT are music-related. Many people are interested in learning more about JT himself, searching for [how old is Justin Timberlake] and [how tall is Justin Timberlake]. People are also interested in his wife, actress Jessica Biel, and pictures from their wedding. Interestingly, searches are nearly split between men and women (44/56). And JT still has it with the younger generation. Twenty-seven percent of searches come from those under 29!

Excited about Justin’s new album? Check out what the critics have to say about it on Yahoo! Music.

Not Your Average Green Bean Casserole:
Although spring has sprung, it’s still chilly outside! So what can warm your soul until the temperature goes up? Warm, yummy, comfort food casseroles. People are searching on Yahoo! this week for this versatile food that can be made out of pretty much anything. Tater tot casserole? Who knew! The top searched casseroles this week are: [breakfast casserole] and [tater tot casserole]. Searches for [sweet potato casserole] recipes are up 89%, and up 10% for [chicken and rice casserole] recipes.

Not the biggest fan of casseroles when you were younger? You might rethink your attitude towards casseroles after checking out this yummy recipe on Yahoo! Shine.

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