Yahoo! Searches This Week Show Fall Is In The Air, a Quarterback Craze & iPhone Buzz

This is the first in a series of posts that highlights some of the most popular search terms on Yahoo! for the week.

So what’s the buzz this week? The iPhone 5 made its debut and searches on Yahoo! have spiked for all things related to the new Apple product. Fall is in the air and that means searches have started for fall-like recipes, the NFL season has kicked off and the quarterbacks are buzzing, and the latest DIY craze is upon us.

iPhone Buzz
This week Apple announced the new iPhone 5 and searches on Yahoo! spiked 192% compared to weeks prior. Some of the breakout searches related to the iPhone this week are: [iPhone 5 pre-order] (up 1,566%), [iPhone 4s deals] (up 880%), and [how much will the iPhone 5 cost] (up 329%). 60% of searches this week on Yahoo! for [iPhone 5] come from males. The Yahoo! Fantasy Football has teamed up with the Apple’s iPhone 5 launching an optimized version of the Yahoo! Fantasy football app to support the new iPhone 5 and iPod touch, more here. Make sure to download the latest version of the app in the App Store.

The NFL season officially kicked off this past weekend and the quarterbacks are buzzing on Yahoo!. The top searched (total number of searches) quarterbacks overall on Yahoo! were: [Cam Newton], [Peyton Manning], [Eli Manning], [Mark Sanchez], [Robert Griffin III] and [Tom Brady].

Yahoo! Searches This Week Show Fall Is In The Air, a Quarterback Craze & iPhone Buzz

DIY Buzz: Pallet Crafts
Who knew that the wooden pallets that you can find on the side of the road or behind retail stores would become the latest DIY craze? Searches on Yahoo! are spiking for [pallet furniture], [wooded pallet projects], and [pallet ideas]. Would you make a couch out of an old pallet? For some other fun decorating ideas check out Yahoo! Shine’s Home Section:

Yahoo! Searches This Week Show Fall Is In The Air, a Quarterback Craze & iPhone Buzz

Sweet Potato Season
With the hint of fall in the air searches for all things sweet potato are spiking on Yahoo! including [sweet potato fries] (up 49%) and [sweet potato casserole] (up 17%). The quirkiest search: [sweet potato burritos]. Some of the sweet potato related questions searched on Yahoo! include: [what is a good dipping sauce for sweet potato fries], [how to cook sweet potatoes], [when to harvest sweet potatoes], and [is it better to boil or steam sweet potatoes]. Need a sweet potato recipe? Check out these on Yahoo!.

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