Yahoo! Searches this Week Show People Gearing Up for Coachella and Camping Trips, Allergy Concerns, and Mad Men Mania

This is an ongoing series of posts that highlights the daily search habits of Yahoo! users.

Sunshine, Art, Music... Coachella!

Spring has sprung, which means one thing for music lovers -- music festival season has arrived! This month, [Coachella] is on the minds of music fans as the festival is spiking over 129% on Yahoo!. While people in the top 3 cities searching for Coachella happen to be close by to the festival -- Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco -- searches coming from New York, Chicago and Dallas aren't too far behind.

So which musician is everyone looking forward to seeing? Georgia's infamous Hip Hop rapper [2 chainz], the classic [red hot chili peppers], and indie-rock band [passion pit] are the top Coachella artists buzzing on Yahoo!. But what everyone is really wondering is whether or not electronic french duo Daft Punk will make their way "Around the World" to Indio and make a surprise appearance. In fact, searches on Yahoo! for [Daft Punk] are spiking over 94% this week, more than any other band!

While Coachella is supposedly all about music, we all know that Coachella fashion is half the fun. If you're headed down to the long anticipated festival, look out for these trends all buzzing on Yahoo!: [crochet bikinis], [fringe bikinis], [fringed boots], [fringe dress], [gladiator sandals], [crop tops], [short shorts], [crochet headbands] and [flower headbands]. And don't forget your sunblock and shades!

Excited to possibly see some of your favorite celebs at the Festival? Well, you may not see L-Lo there this year. Check out the inside scoop on Yahoo! omg!.


Light the Campfire:

As the weather heats up, people around the country are excited to grab their backpacks and a tent and hit the great outdoors. So, it's no surprise that searches for [camping gear] are up 110% this week on Yahoo!.

It's not just the guys who are eager to get camping. A whopping 49 percent of searches for [campgrounds] and 44% of searches for [camping] come from the ladies.

If sleeping in a tent isn't your thing, don't fret. You're not alone! Searches for [used campers for sale] are up 31% this week and other searches include [pop up campers] and [enclosed trailers]. As we get into camping season, we will start to see searches pop up for [camping recipes], [camping checklists], and [camping supplies].


This year proved to be a particularly grueling flu season, as testified by one sad search query on Yahoo!: [can you catch the flu twice]. Now that spring is upon us, the shift is slowly moving from fevers to allergies - and experts are predicting a "robust allergy season."

The season of sniffling has started earlier in many regions and is expected to last longer too. Why the bad news? Experts are pointing the finger at climate change, which brought unrivalled precipitation in the form of Hurricane Sandy and drought conditions in the southern regions. Seasoned allergy sufferers are evaluating the [pollen count], which is up 36%, [pollen] up 190%, and the site [], up 195% on Yahoo!.

For more info on the 2013 allergy season, take a look at LiveScience's findings on Yahoo! News.

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is Back in Business for Their 6th Season:

Fans broke out their martini shakers on Sunday night to celebrate the return of AMC's Mad Men. Although the show focuses around the handsome Don Draper, the women of Mad Men are stealing the limelight as they are in highest search demand on Yahoo!. That's right.[Christina Hendricks], [January Jones] and [Jessica Pare] each have over twice the amount of searches on Yahoo! as [John Hamm]. But [Christina Hendricks] takes the cake with more than 8 times the searches of [John Hamm] this week. Her character, the bold and sassy [Joan Holloway], had 63% more searches than [Don Draper].

Mad Men is the second top buzzing show this month on Yahoo!, preceded by [game of thrones] and followed by [girl meets world]. If you didn't have time to watch the entire two hour premiere of Mad Men, get a quick recap from The Week on Yahoo!News.

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