Yahoo! Survey Reveals Tablet Habits of the Average U.S. Home

One need only observe the glowing LCD screens lighting up commuter trains, meeting rooms and coffee shops to see that tablets have become ubiquitous in our personal lives. 62% of all U.S. tablet owners now say they use their tablets on a daily basis with an average use of 2.4 hours per day (Viacom). But, what we don’t often see is exactly how, when and where tablets are used inside the home.

A recent Yahoo! survey reveals some interesting tablet preferences by American households, proving just how important these devices have become. For example, results uncovered that Americans are more inclined to fight over a tablet than the TV remote and a shocking 15% of us would go so far as giving up our car in order to keep our tablet (a surprising, but healthy indication for our planet!).

The 2,000 U.S. respondents participating in the study were aged between 18-64 years, and were asked questions on their tablet usage and habits, in order to uncover who’s really using them, where they take them, and just how far they’ll go to keep them. Some additional findings are outlined below:

  • 15% would give up their car for an entire year to be able to keep their tablet; that would equate to 45 million fewer cars on the road, meaning less traffic and a whopping 270 million tons fewer greenhouse gases (CO2) emitted per year.
  • Tablets are now the second most fought over device in the living room, just behind desktops/laptops, and ahead of TV remotes.
  • A third of men frequently take their tablet to the bathroom. 40% of women never take the tablet to the bathroom.
  • A quarter of women are happy to give up sex (25%) to keep their tablet. As for men? Only half as many men would give up sex (13%).
  • The tablet is the go-to wind-down device: 91% use their tablet in bed.

Any of these strike a chord in your house? Take a peek into the average home with the below infographic, for a visual representation of just how pervasive tablets have become.

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