eBay joins our homepage test

As many of you know, we’ve been testing a new Yahoo.com homepage since September. We chose a random fraction from our millions of users in four countries to play around with the new homepage and give us feedback on the new features.

As expected, we’ve gotten a wide range of reactions from our testers -– the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve heard every word and have made some changes accordingly. For example, in the latest version, we’ve added a Mail link to the “Yahoo! Services” area so that people can get to their email faster. We’ll keep making changes and updates like this throughout the testing phase, with the goal of making this new homepage the ideal starting point for everything people want to do on the Internet, whether it’s on or off Yahoo!.

On that note, I want to highlight a great new application that we’ve just added to the homepage test. Demonstrating how we’re opening our homepage to third-parties to make your life simpler, we’re adding a new eBay application to the “My Applications” dashboard area. It will provide an “eBay Anywhere” experience, letting people quickly monitor their eBay buying and selling activities, including checking recent bids or getting reminders about auctions that are about to close. They can also as search for and find new eBay items right from within Yahoo.com. You can read more about it on Ebay's blog here.

We’ve pulled together this screencast to introduce you to the new eBay app, and take you on a tour of the newest version of the Yahoo! homepage test. It might also satisfy the curiosity of those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to play around with the new site.

If you’re in one of our test groups, we really rely on your feedback and hope you know how important you are in helping us build the best possible site. We’ll keep testing until we think we’ve got it right. So keep the feedback coming!

Tapan Bhat
Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Front Doors, Communities and Network Services