The Evolving World of Search

Have you ever thought about how you search the Web, and how that has changed over the years? Can you remember the first time you used a search engine and what that experience was like? Even though the traditional approach to searching hasn’t changed much, there’s no doubt that search technology has evolved drastically, especially in the last several years. And that technology powers new experiences all across the Web. Without even realizing it, people are adjusting to entirely new ways of discovering content far beyond the search box.

Whether they find themselves taking a cue from our “Trending Now” lists, easily discovering interesting news related to what they are currently reading, or browsing through fascinating slideshows generated by our search technology, people are connecting with the information that matters to them in new ways.

A couple months ago, I wrote about the evolution of search and the changing industry standards for how we measure search share and understand trends across different types of searches and companies. Today, comScore has shared further perspective on the role that new types of searches will play in the future of search and the importance of measuring all types of search equitably across the industry

We at Yahoo! are excited to continue driving evolution in search by using the strength of Yahoo!’s awesome content and communications experiences along with our powerful search technology. We’re building new search features that help you discover more wherever you are online, and bring you new and better ways to find the things that matter to you most. And we’re doing this with our advertisers in mind, too, striking the right balance of responding to your interests and intent as a user, while identifying appropriate opportunities to show you relevant ads.

We’ll always love the search box, but we love thinking outside the search box too.

-Shashi Seth
Senior Vice President of Yahoo! Search Products