Hear about the news from a trusted source… your friends!

We live in a social world and look to our friends to find interesting and important information. Now Yahoo! is putting your Facebook friends front and center in Yahoo! News. The new Yahoo! News friends’ activity feature lets people share what they’re reading on Yahoo! News to their Facebook friends both on Yahoo! and Facebook. You can now discover content through your friends, connect with people through their reading activity and express yourself on your Facebook profile through the articles that interest you. This is an entirely opt-in feature, giving you complete control of when you want to turn it on and off or if you just want to delete a single item.

Yahoo! has always provided our users with an incredible breadth of content curated by an awesome staff of editors. In addition, we personalize the stories you see based on what you read on Yahoo!. Now, we are bringing you the ability to discover great stories through your friends. Just like you do in real life. You can now immerse yourself in the news on Yahoo! surrounded by the comfort of your friends. Let them be your guides on what to read.

Because sharing content isn’t confined to the web, we’re also making it possible for you to share your TV watching activity into Facebook through IntoNow from Yahoo!. This activity will be aggregated on people’s Facebook profile under “Most Watched” and “Most Recently Watched.”  Look out for an updated IntoNow from Yahoo! mobile app with this added functionality in the coming weeks.

Today’s announcement marks a new milestone in Yahoo!’s social strategy to infuse more social and personalized experiences around our premier digital media content.

To join the experience, go here and click on the “Connect with Facebook” button to get started.

And, for a quick look at what this feature looks like before signing up, check out the videos below.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

- Alexandre Linares
Yahoo! Social and Personalization Team