Introducing Yahoo! Voices

Introducing Yahoo! Voices

Today we’re launching Yahoo! Voices ( – a new online home for more than two million pieces of original content, spanning thousands of different topics, created by more than 500,000 individual experts and enthusiasts.

This content previously lived on Associated Content from Yahoo! (, which is officially closing to make way for Yahoo! Voices.

Associated Content was acquired by Yahoo! in 2010, and this transition into the Yahoo Media Network represents the final step in its integration with the world’s premiere digital media company.

Background and Details:

In November 2010, Associated Content’s crowd-sourced publishing platform adopted a new name and focus as Yahoo! Contributor Network (, while the majority of the content created through that platform remained published under the original name and domain at Now, we’re thrilled to be moving this content onto – a domain that houses leading websites in almost every digital media category.

Yahoo! Voices ( replaces Associated Content as Yahoo! Contributor Network’s official digital library. Voices is where consumers and advertisers will find the Web's most authentic perspectives and expertise on every topic in the world. It will contain the best content submitted over the last seven years, and continue to grow with new articles, video, and slideshows from the world's largest, most diverse contributor community.

Through our unique publishing platform (Yahoo! Contributor Network) and this new digital library (Yahoo! Voices), Yahoo! upholds and expands the scope of Associated Content’s original mission: Enabling any individuals with specialized knowledge and experience to create original content, share it with an audience of millions, and often earn a portion of the revenue it generates.

How it works: Users claim assignments or submit stories on topics of their choice to Yahoo! Contributor Network. After review by a Yahoo! editor, stories that meet our Submission Guidelines are published on Yahoo! Voices or another Yahoo! destination like News, Sports, or Finance. By publishing on Yahoo!, contributors can share their voice with Yahoo! users around the globe and earn money based on the amount of traffic their stories receive.

How Yahoo! Contributor Network is supporting the launch of Yahoo! Voices:

In support of the Yahoo! Voices launch, Yahoo! Contributor Network is taking a number of important steps:

  • Today we are releasing revised Submission Guidelines that better define the content we're seeking from our community: unique, authentic perspectives from experts, enthusiasts, and citizen journalists, to complement Yahoo!'s broader editorial offerings.unique, well-written perspectives – especially first-person stories – from a range of experts, enthusiasts, and citizen journalists to complement Yahoo!'s broader editorial offerings. Read the new guidelines here.
  • We have retired more than 75,000 pieces of inactive and outdated content from Associated Content. None of this content will appear on Yahoo! Voices, and only content that meets our revised Submission Guidelines will be accepted moving forward. Older content that does not meet these standards will be gradually retired or returned to the original author for editing.
  • As always, our passionate community will be instrumental in helping us keep our library fresh. We're asking contributors to revisit all of their previously published content on Yahoo! Voices, and use our flagging tools to report any content that should be retired. We’re also asking contributors to point out especially excellent pieces that should be considered for one of our year-end Yahoo! Contributor Awards.
  • The Yahoo! Style Guide is the ultimate sourcebook for best practices in online content creation. We've already sent Style Guides to hundreds of our top contributors; to celebrate the launch of Yahoo! Voices, we're spreading the wisdom further, giving this resource to thousands more contributors. Click here for more information.

In the first quarter of 2012, we’re taking our commitment to quality a step further with the kick-off of the Yahoo! Contributor Academy – an interactive learning program that will build on the Yahoo! Style Guide and provide contributors with comprehensive tools for translating their knowledge into useful, engaging online content.

Time for you to share your voice!

If you’re interested in sharing content on Yahoo! Voices or another Yahoo! website, sign up for Yahoo! Contributor Network. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with a global audience, and often earn money for your work.

If you're an existing contributor and you want to learn more about this exciting transition—and how to make this most of it—check out the Yahoo! Contributor Network blog.