“More than Mobile — Think Multi-Screen, says new Yahoo!/Razorfish Survey”

In an always-on, connected world with a surplus of new devices fit for every function, location and context it’s no surprise that mobile phones are helping people multi-task across multiple screens, including the TV in your living room.

A recent Yahoo! Mobile/Razorfish study reveals interesting gender differences in usage and ranks the smartphone as the number one device in the home with 75% of votes, with a landslide 80% of respondents using their phones to multi-task while watching TV.

The more than 2,000 U.S. respondents that participated in the study were asked questions on their multi-tasking habits and device preferences, bringing to light some interesting trends and valuable insights. Following are the top 10 findings:

  1. Did you see that?: An overwhelming 90% said that multi-tasking on their smartphone (while watching live TV & commercials) was to communicate with others (via text or phone).
  2. Pass the remote: 60% access the mobile web (not apps or email) during TV commercials, 38% of which is related to the content they are watching. 15% of respondents admitted that they are never without their phone for the entire duration of a TV show.
  3. Laptop vs. tablet: Searching for content related to what’s on TV at any given time is more prevalent for tablet users than laptop/desktop users -- over half (57%) of people multi-tasking on tablets are searching for related content, while the same could be said for just 33% of laptop/desktop users.
  4. Women want to know: Young women are the prime demographic to surf the Internet related to what they’re watching (65% of women under the age of 35, compared to 47% of men of the same age).
  5. Mobile phone scapegoat: 52% of consumers use their mobile device to escape awkward situations. Women are more likely to use their phone as an excuse than men.
  6. No need to stop & ask for directions: Overall, men (59%) are using their web-enabled mobile devices most frequently for navigational purposes.
  7. Are you ready for some football?: Men were almost twice as likely to say that checking their mobile phone for sports news causes arguments with their significant other (29%) compared to women (17%).
  8. Men are glued to stats: 58% of men are ‘fact checking’ on their mobile web browser while at a live sporting event, with nearly half (47%) checking out scores of other games and players.
  9. The gender divide: Men are more likely to use their mobile device as a functional, all- in-one tool; whereas women are more likely to use it as an extension of the traditional phone, to update and connect with friends across their social networks on the go.
  10. Mobile shopping is a man’s world: Online purchases on smartphones are more popular with men (70% under 35 years) than with women (64% under 35 years).

Any of this ring true with you? Check out the full report released today, available on http://www.razorfish.com.

"More than Mobile -- Think Multi-Screen, says new Yahoo!/Razorfish Survey"

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Edwin Wong

Yahoo! Insights