Next Up: Our Yahoo! App for Android

By Fernando Delgado, Senior Director, Mobile and Emerging Product

At Yahoo!, we want to be sure that all our products are available to you regardless of platform. That’s why today we’re excited to bring you our new Yahoo! app for Android. The new Yahoo! app for Android delivers the best of the web with a virtually endless stream of personalized stories. It’s designed for those moments when you need short news summaries to help find what you’re looking for, or when you have more time to enjoy them. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of the new Yahoo! app for Android:

Summarized Stories With Rich Images
It’s easy to read shorter news summaries for those on-the-go moments. By default, you’ll see a visual stream of stories. To go to a classic view, click on the top left icon with three bars and under “All Stories,” simply tap on the “Visual” button to turn it “Off.”


Your news stream will display short summaries and immersive imagery associated with each story. Once you’ve picked a story to read, you can continue to the bottom of the article to pull up the next one.

Get Personal
Similar to the update to our new Yahoo! experience, it’s easier to personalize your stories on the new Yahoo! app. Scroll to the bottom of each story and checkmark the topics you want more of or “x” them out to get less. Sign into Yahoo! while using the app, and your preferences will carry over to any computer or mobile device where you’re logged in.


Visual Search
We’ve also enhanced our Web, Image and Video search tabs to enhance Yahoo! Search on your phone. On the sidebar, tap “Web Search” then enter in your query. At the bottom of your results, you’ll see tabs for Web, Images or Video.

Share News With Friends
On the top right of each article you will find and a button to share via Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and any other Android app you have installed which supports sharing.


We hope you enjoy our latest app. Download the new Yahoo! App for Android.