Product Pulse – August 1st, 2008

Twenty-seven years ago, "Video Killed the Radio Star" premiered on a cable network geared toward playing nothing but 24/7 music videos. Remember when the screen would go black as MTV employees popped a new tape into the VCR? (Remember when MTV actually played music videos?) After you pay tribute to that original batch of VJs, check out what we riffed up this week:

  • Speedier, easier, tastier: Fans of social bookmarking, rejoice! Delicious just got snackier. It's now sporting an entirely new infrastructure, making it faster and more reliable. It's got a revamped search engine that lets you search in all kinds of new ways, including within your social network. And it has a spiffy new interface, making it easier for newbies yet familiar enough for veterans. And for good measure, the site now lives at so you don't have to remember where that wacky punctuation goes (although, of course, still works just fine). More here.
  • 24 hours of Flickr: August 8th isn't just opening day at the Beijing Olympics. It's the start to Flickr 888 -- a day-long global photo project that invites photographers around the world to snap a moment in time and share it with the group. The goal is to capture a day in the life around the world. You can only submit one photo, so make it your best shot. Stumped? Check out photos from last year's 24 hours of Flickr. More here.
  • Back to school brainiac: Brain turned to mush over the summer? Head over to our new Back to School site and do some cerebral calisthenics. An interactive module of the brain helps you understand all four lobes and offers games to help you sharpen them. You'll also find exercises for overall brain fitness and top-10 lists of back-to-school fashions, dorm essentials, elementary school stuff, and computer gear. And you'll get info on how to hit the books while being green and a listing of the most popular back-to-school searches. Parents and kids welcome.
  • Going on a Mail Safari: If you've been longing to use the All-New Yahoo! Mail with your Safari browser, pine no more. Full compatibility is here. Better yet, it's OS agnostic, so it works with both the latest Mac and Windows versions of Safari. And that's especially handy if you switch-hit between Mac and PC at home and work. Let's hear it for harmony. More here.

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