Product Pulse – February 6, 2009

Seventy-four years ago today, the phrase "Do Not Pass Go" came into existence as Parker Brothers sold its first box of Monopoly. Since then, 750 million people have done jail time as they tried to buy up (the misspelled) Marvin Gardens, Park Place, and Boardwalk. Here's what we added to our holdings this week:

  • Calendar gets cooler: Back in October, we brought you a Yahoo! Calendar revival. This week, it got a little louder. You can now search your calendar events and notepad by keyword, as well as print your calendar in a special print format for day/week/month/event for better readability. If you're a list-maker, you can now create to-do lists by topic (i.e., "kids," "work," "groceries") and share them with others. Not a to-do fan? Just drag the column shut to banish it. And finally, new right-click functionality lets you make quicker work of adding, editing, printing, and viewing events. Head to the suggestion board if you want to help steer future enhancements. Haven't switched from Classic yet? What's the holdup?
  • Finer FoxyTunes: The popular music toolbar we acquired a year ago this week just got a refresh. The FoxyTunes team unleashed no fewer than 20 enhancements in their latest Firefox plugin release. They include a new switch menu that lets you multitasking music listeners jump between media players (iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody, etc.) along with a bevy of smarter, simpler improvements for menus, buttons, and an overall streamlined design. More here.

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