Product Pulse – July 20, 2007

Before you sacrifice your queen to honor International Chess Day, check out the shiny pieces we’ve put on the board. Checkmate!

  • It’s beta-licious: The new beta homepage for Yahoo! Music now comes with a whole new look and fun features that’ll get you stompin’ your feet. The “What’s New Today” module pulls up the best picks (think videos, news, interviews and spotlights on artists) twice daily, ranging from popular to new to just bizarre. We’re getting personal too, with a new module that recommends music videos, songs, and artists, all based on your ratings. Check out what else is new here and stay on beat with the team here.
  • Got an iPhone?: Get instant access to your and your pals' events through Upcoming on your iPhone. Here’s how: Go to on your iPhone, create a Leaflet account (to store preferences), sign in your Upcoming screen name, and voila! Instant access to all your Upcoming info. Aching for more? Check out the other handy applications optimized especially for iPhones on Leaflet (including Flickr and! Read more here.

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