Product Pulse – March 20, 2009

Whether you're celebrating Nowruz, Ostara, Shunbun no hi, or the vernal equinox, today is the first day of spring, people! Rebirth, revival, renewal, the end of a long cold winter, and a time to see if you can actually balance an egg on its point. Here's what we fêted this week:

  • omg! celebrity mamas!: The ever-popular gossip site, omg!, is giving you one more way to obsess about the lives of the rich, famous, and far-too-photographed. This week, realizing that you can't seem to get enough of Katie/Suri, Gwen/Kingston, Angelina/(pick one) on omg!'s Goddess blog, the team has launched "Spotlight to Nightlight," a biweekly video program that peers into the lives of celebrity mothers. Each three- to five-minute episode features host Ali Landry (former Miss USA and famed "Doritos Girl") chatting up a different celebrity mom, discussing parenting tips or the latest mama making headlines. Ever wonder how much a starlet's nanny makes? Get addicted here.
  • IE8 4 Y!: Microsoft's brand new Internet Explorer 8 browser launched this week. Minutes later, we made a Yahoo!-optimized version available. What's in it for you? Easy access to Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Mail, our toolbar, and our homepage. You'll get instant visual results for weather, stock quotes, and movie reviews/showtimes when you use the browser's search box (i.e., a three-day weather forecast shows up right inside a search pulldown menu). And, no matter what site you're on, you can always access a preview window to check your Yahoo! Mail. More on the Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Mail blogs. Download IE 8 optimized for Yahoo! here. (Not available for Macs. Duh.)
  • Find photos with fast filters: Ever searched for just the right photo but gotten lost in a sea of stuff you don't want? Yahoo! Image Search has just added a few new filters to hasten your mission. You can now narrow your scope by selecting black & white vs. color, restricting results to images that are either from Flickr or not, or even specifying the dimensions of the shot you're after. And they promise more cool stuff to come. More here.
  • Sometimes it's the little things: The Flickr team rolled out two small tweaks that mean so much. If you've often found yourself irked by the "loading..." message you got when trying to narrow down your list of contacts, behold the people picker! It's now lightning-fast when trying to find someone in your Contact List, share an image, or send Flickr mail. But wait, there's more. For Flickr Pro members, the Stats page now shows real-time data for the day (no more waiting til midnight) and lets you drill down for daily details on up to 28 of the last days. More here and here.

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