Yahoo! has a new celebrity site? omg!

Paris has been sent back to the slammer! omg! Britney’s wearing a fedora, leg warmers and short shorts? omg! Yahoo! Entertainment launches new celebrity siteJessica Simpson and John Mayer broke up again? omg!

I’d like to introduce you all to our new site, That’s right, the site is called omg!. We’re all about what you crave: the dish on Lindsay, Paris, Britney and the Jessicas.

Yahoo! Entertainment is launching this destination for fun entertainment news and scoop so peeps can complement their daily celebrity blog fix (c’mon, we know where you’re surfing everyday) with a site that’s easy to use, well-designed, and not so super-mean.

We’ll be tracking celebrity trends from Big Sunglasses to Tanzillas (stars who like tanning a little too much) and everything in between with articles, photos, and videos. Our content comes from partnerships we’ve formed with Access Hollywood (who will provide us with the latest videos and articles) and x17 Online (providing photos), as well as other news feeds and photo agencies.

Our mission was to create a place that will capitalize on the massive interest in celebrity news and be fun, unique, innovative and still simple enough for any fan to easily determine if Paris is behind bars or not and let us know what they think about that situation.

omg! is very much a work in progress, but since the appetite for this kind of news continues to surge, we wanted to launch the site as soon as possible. We have an aggressive plan for adding in even more excellent Yahoo! products in the coming months. Think Bix, Flickr and Messenger. And check back soon for our badge.

While we continue to “accessorize” the site with enhancements and features, do what the stars do: take a coffee break, post comments on any of the assets, consider laying off the bronzer and try to stay out of jail.

Sibyl Goldman
Executive Producer, Yahoo! Entertainment