Yahoo! Mobile Sign-In Just Got Much Easier

Creating a new user ID and password is one of the highest hurdles for accessing authenticated services on the Web. We all have lists of the usernames and passwords for accessing our favorite corners of the Internet that seem to keep getting longer. At Yahoo!, we have been focused on simplifying the user login experience, which we believe benefits everyone, and which is why we are huge supporters of opening Yahoo! user authentication through other identity providers.

Today, we are taking our desktop support of third-party user authentication a step further by extending it for mobile phone users. Now, hundreds of millions of Facebook and Google users can easily sign in and interact on Yahoo! Mobile sites and services using their Facebook or Google IDs, similar to the sign-in experience that we offer on the PC.

The launch of Yahoo! third-party user authentication on mobile phones is especially exciting because it eliminates the need to register for yet another ID and remember yet another password when interacting with a new site. Now, people who are already signed in to their Facebook or Google accounts on their mobile phones can benefit from a one-click sign-in process, without entering their ID or password. People can initiate the one-click sign-in by simply clicking on the "Sign in with: Facebook or Google" icons on the Yahoo! login screen (see picture below).

Our goal is to provide people with deeply personal digital experiences. Ultimately, all users engaging with Yahoo! services are valued customers, whether they authenticate using a Yahoo!, Facebook, or Google ID. We are thrilled to be leading the way to bring the third-party authentication service to our mobile users around the world.

People can start using third-party mobile authentication today by visiting on their mobile phones and selecting the Facebook or Google icons at the bottom of the page. Immediately, you'll be able to check out Yahoo!'s premiere digital media content and industry-leading apps, including Yahoo! Messenger, MarketDash, Flickr, Sportacular and IntoNow. And, with more than 100 mobile partnerships, you can find your favorite Yahoo! experiences on nearly any mobile device and platform.

Yodel Editors