Yahoo! Toolbar learns a few new tricks

Yahoo! Toolbar has always made navigating the web easier –- acting as a shortcut to search and as a way to keep track of your favorite Yahoo! sites. While that still holds true, we have noticed that people want more functionality from their toolbar, so today we are excited to share a new Yahoo! Toolbar –- one that makes it easier to stay on top of your online world no matter where you are on the web.

new Yahoo! ToolbarThe new Yahoo! Toolbar now offers greater customization and more immediate access to the information you care about most from across the entire web – not just Yahoo! sites. Currently available if you’re using Internet Explorer 6+ and now for Firefox (as a beta), too, our new toolbar also helps you do some really handy things, including:

  • Preview and Go: Most of us have sites we check every day –- sometimes more than once. Now you can preview information from your favorite sites directly within your toolbar. Small previews drop down from your toolbar, giving you real-time information without ever having to leave the page you’re on. Customize your toolbar with dozens of apps from Yahoo! and across the rest of the web, so you can check on your multiple email inboxes (Yahoo! and AOL), your eBay listings, the latest news from or USA Today, stock portfolios, and even your local weather or movie showtimes.
  • Search Faster: One of the most popular features on toolbars is search. So, we’ve created a better, more efficient way for you to conduct web searches (with the help of some cool technology from Inquisitor). The search box in your Yahoo! Toolbar now offers query suggestions, recall of sites based on your recent search history, and the ability to directly search other web sites, like Flickr and Wikipedia — right from the search box. It’s a real time saver!

By bringing the best of the web together in one place, we want to make the web work better for you – right from within your toolbar. Get started by downloading the new Yahoo! Toolbar at

Burke Culligan
Senior Director, Yahoo! Front Doors