Rating the Super Bowl Commercials IN the Game with IntoNow

Yesterday we let everyone know about the chance to win Pepsi MAX during Super Bowl weekend with IntoNow.

Today, we've got more news. As you're following the game with IntoNow and getting ready for your potential Pepsi MAX windfall, we're adding a special feature where you'll be able to watch the biggest Super Bowl commercials, rate them, and share them.

Here's what it will look like on Sunday:
Rating the Super Bowl Commercials IN the Game with IntoNow

Commercials from Acura, Audi, Chevrolet, Hulu, Hyundai and Volkswagen will be just some of the thirty or so at your fingertips with IntoNow -- right as they hit your TV this Sunday (and you can see them all on Yahoo! Screen too). Who will be the big winner? That's completely up to you.

A lot of people will be tuning into the Super Bowl to see the commercials and we want you to get your water cooler comments in early and often. Most importantly, you won't be forcing everyone in your living room to rewind the DVR to watch the commercials you missed while running to the fridge for a snack since they'll all be right there on your iPad or smartphone. If you're having a bunch of Giants or Pats fans over, trust us, they'll appreciate it.

Of course, we also think there's no better way to follow the Super Bowl game itself than with IntoNow and Yahoo! Sports. You'll be able to track all the plays and stats as they happen, dive into background on the players and teams, follow the wildfire of Tweets and social chatter that will explode all day and into the night, and participate in live IntoNow polls during the game.

No matter what part of the Super Bowl you're most interested in, we've got you covered.