From the Sidelines to the Second Screen

By James Black, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Sports

On Sunday, I should be sitting amongst friends and family at a Super Bowl party boasting in the glory of winning my first Fantasy Football championship in 10 years (To self: REALLY? Ten Years?). But noooooooooo! Instead, I'll be in New Orleans grinding away, covering my 11th straight Super Bowl.

As the violins play and the fake tears are shed, folks need to understand just how difficult of a task this really is. It's not easy work discussing who's going to attend Beyonce's press conference, consult on the annual group dinner, or saying "excuse me" to a 1,000 zany fans at the stadium as I make my way to my seat … I mean, the press box. So contrary to what most folks believe, this is not a vacation — it's really hard work (wink, wink).

Whether online or on your couch (mobile device in hand, of course) we here at Yahoo! Sports have made sure you’ll be armed from the arm chair with live-streaming coverage, original video programming, the latest in search trends, and a truly impressive and engaging second-screen experience.

Some of the highlights that I personally am proud to present:

Original Reporting: Yahoo! Sports will flood the zone with its team of award-winning experts, reporting on the ground from New Orleans. This year’s line-up includes Michael Silver, Jason Cole, Les Carpenter, Dan Wetzel, Martin Rogers and Doug Farrar.

Original Video Programming and Live-streaming Coverage: Video coverage from New Orleans has already begun and will continue through the evening of February 3, with daily features, athlete and celebrity interviews from the host city. Yahoo! Sports will also tape its Super Bowl preview show "NFL This Week" on location with host Melissa Knowles and NFL expert Eddie George. Users can go behind-the-scenes with six hours a day of live-streaming coverage from the Media Center in New Orleans, Wednesday - Friday of Super Bowl week, featuring Yahoo! Sports Radio’s daily show in a TV-style setting.

IntoNow App: Yahoo!’s popular IntoNow app is an interactive, second-screen TV experience that syncs directly with the program you are watching and lets you become an active viewer. IntoNow listens to the audio from your TV and automatically knows you’re watching the Super Bowl. You can check stats, read related Yahoo! News articles, chat with other sports fans, weigh in on polls, answer trivia questions and view and vote on the commercials. One of the coolest features lets you create your own hilarious meme by capturing screenshots from TV and adding captions to share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. You can download IntoNow for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Search Trends: Yahoo! Search will keep a pulse on what people are searching for the most in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl and the days after. Which Harbaugh brother is seeing the biggest spike? How does Flacco fare compared to curiosity over Kaepernick? San Fran sourdough or Baltimore crabs?

Commercials: Yahoo! as a whole will also be your go-to source for everything about this year’s batch of sure to be buzzed about Super Bowl ads. Between Yahoo! Sports and our friends over at Yahoo! Screen, you can check out all the top fun, engaging and just plain crazy commercials that now are just as big a part of the big game as the teams themselves.
Enjoy the game!