Yahoo! Koprol Hits 1 Million Users!

To celebrate being the 1 millionth member to join our Indonesian location-based social networking site Yahoo! Koprol, one lucky member received a gift of Rp 1,000,000.  Didit, a junior high school student in Depok, West Java, also known as @diditdomba on Koprol received a gift of Rp 1,000,000 from the Yahoo! Koprol team.

Yahoo! Koprol focuses on the intersection of community and mobile experience to enable users to interact and share knowledge on the go.

“Yahoo! Koprol has experienced huge growth since we were acquired by Yahoo! in May 2010. Our one millionth registered user demonstrates the continued relevance of Yahoo Koprol to Indonesians who continue to reach out to friends and build communities using location based services.” said Yahoo! Koprol Design and Community Manager Satya Witoelar.

Didit received Rp 1,000,000 and prizes from Yahoo! Koprol.  He said, “I was very happy to be the one millionth user. I had just signed up for Koprol for just a few hours before the Yahoo! Koprol team called and informed me that I was their one millionth user. The prize money has come in time for my birthday which fell on Sunday. Suddenly, I have a lot of friends on my Koprol account. It is fun, totally fun, to become so popular.”

Since its acquisition by Yahoo!, the Koprol user base has grown ten-fold; Yahoo! Koprol continues to leverage a rich community of information generated by users. On an hourly basis,Yahoo! Koprol:

  • Attracts 400 new users
  • Users create 4,875 streams
  • Users comment 13,000 times
  • 8 new venues are added (with a total of 20,000 places or location currently registered)