Ford and Yahoo! to Lauch Focus Electric With “Plugged In”

Ford and Yahoo! to Lauch Focus Electric With "Plugged In"

Ford and Yahoo! today announced a program to promote the launch of America’s most fuel-efficient five-seat car, the Focus Electric, with “Plugged In,” Yahoo!’s first reality competition series.

Beginning in May 2012 and timed to the car’s availability in multiple U.S. markets, the series will be broadcast exclusively on Yahoo! Screen– Yahoo!’s video destination – and will feature two-person teams competing against each other in a series of challenges centered around the chance to win a Focus Electric. Viewers will be encouraged to share comments about each episode and will also be able to upload photos of favorite places in their hometown to a special Flickr group page created for the program.

“Plugged In” competition locations will include Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Raleigh, Atlanta, and Boston. A celebrity, serving as the hometown’s personal insider, will kick off each episode and provide clues that will require contestants to complete various tasks and challenges while exploring and discovering hidden cultural gems and “best of” locations in their city. The winning teams in each city will move on to participate in the finale event in Los Angeles, where they will compete with teams from other regions for the chance to win the Focus Electric.

SYNC® with MyFord Touch® technology in the Focus Electric connects you to your music, navigation and favorite devices while offering a unique level of customization.Ford and Yahoo! to Lauch Focus Electric With "Plugged In"

The Focus Electric will play a prominent role in the competition as the car’s SYNC® with MyFord Touch® system will be where teams receive video, text, and audio clues for the content. In addition, the navigation capabilities will be used to help teams get from point-to-point, and hands-free calling will be used when the contest requires teams to make calls.

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