Thinking Green

Thinking Green

With Earth Day past us, our commitment to environmental responsibility is top of mind here at Yahoo!, so we thought we’d share some little-known facts about our energy consumption:

  • 56% of Yahoo!’s  electricity demand at our data centers is met with renewable energy
  • Yahoo! has built some of the world’s most efficient facilities with a unique “chicken coop” design that runs almost entirely on free cooling
  • Our most efficient data centers consume 40% less energy than conventional data centers due to their unique shape and use of free outside air cooling 98 percent of the year
  • The Lockport data center is saving enough energy to power more than 9,000 New York State households energy annually.
  • The Yahoo! Lockport data center is saving enough energy to power approximately 300,000 CFL light bulbs for one year, running 24/7.
  • Yahoo! will save more water per year than flows over the Niagara Falls for a minute straight
  • The water saved at the Lockport site in one year is enough to provide drinking water for 200,000 people to sustain a healthy life (Approximately 180 gallons per year per person is the average amount of drinking water in a lifetime).
  • A lot of people assume that a green facility has to cost more up front. Our Lockport data center was cheaper to build than a conventional data center.  And was built from ground to commissioning in 6 months.

These points and more were recognized earlier in a new report from Greenpeace International, titled “How Clean is Your Cloud?”  The study found that Yahoo! is leading the way among large technology companies through its use of clean energy in its data centers.  Yahoo! earned the highest “Clean Energy Index” score (a company average for clean energy usage) and we are proud of it!

This is because we strongly believe that location matters, and choose sites for our data center facilities very carefully.  We base decisions on things like the presence of clean power and great workforces, as well as weather conditions that we know will help us build energy-efficient free-cooled data centers.

As a result, we were also named a finalist this week in the Facility Design Implementation category of the 2012 Green Enterprise IT Awards, which recognize pioneering advancements for significantly improved energy productivity in IT and data center operations.

So rest assured.  We love delivering great consumer experiences and we do it responsibly with an eye towards the future of our planet.