Where were you in 1995?

The year is 1995. Bill Clinton is president. Jerry Garcia is still singing. Toy Story is leading at the box office. Everyone is reading "Angela's Ashes." The O.J. Simpson trial is pre-empting soap operas. "Java" is still a cup of coffee. Kevin Mitnick has just been arrested for hacking. The Dow Jones has closed above 4,000 for the first time. Pamela Anderson wed Tommy Lee in a white bikini. Will Ferrell is about to become a household name. Email is something for computer science geeks. And Yahoo! is no longer a way to blow off a Ph.D. dissertation.

Fourteen years ago today, Jerry and David officially incorporated Yahoo!. And, oh, how the world has changed. Remember when faxes were the fastest, most efficient way communicate in writing? When the newspaper landing on your doormat was your best portal to world news? When calling catalog 800#s was the only way to beat driving to the store? That crazy sound of a modem connecting to the Interwebz?

We'd like to think we had something to do with the revolution. Here's to lots more of that. Happy 14th Birthday, all you Yahoos.
yahoo business plan
Our business plan (love that it was written six months after our founding)

yahoo founders in trailer
Our founders in their tidy Stanford University trailer
yahoo first office
Our first real headquarters (110 Pioneer Way, Mountain View, CA)

1995 yahoo homepage
Our homepage in 1995

Nicki Dugan
Blog Editor