Yet another self-serving corporate blog!

Oh, yes, we’re going corporate. But please don’t hold that against us. It’s a good thing, really. After the successful launch of a dozen or so Yahoo! product blogs, we thought it was time to create an überblog of sorts so we can cover a wide range of topics that all bring us back to the big purple house of Yahoo!.

We want to share insights into our company, our people, our culture, and the things that occupy our cluttered minds. We’ll cover emerging trends, provide some behind-the-scenes commentary, profile interesting Yahoos, spotlight our beloved users, reveal some of our quirks, tap into guest bloggers, sprinkle in some videos and photo essays, and generally think out loud (lucky you… you get to listen). You’ll hear from interns to executives. Some days we’ll be light and airy, others we’ll get serious.

Sure, we’ll touch on some Yahoo! news now and again, but we'll try to put a new twist on things and make every visit worth the mouse-clicks. And of course the whole point of a blog is the conversation loop. So comment away — this place is an echo chamber without you.

Think of this site as the front door to our home (work with me as I posit a questionable metaphor): In our kitchen, we’ll offer you a cup of coffee and direct you to the fridge door, where we’ve displayed the things we’re most proud of. We’ll demonstrate our latest inventions from the workbench in our garage, engage in healthy debates around the dining room table (pass the pepper, please), and sink into overstuffed chairs in the living room to share some of our favorite photos. We’ll point out the shower where we do our best thinking (apologies for the visual) and the den, where we goof around. All with the goal of getting to know each other a little better. Mi casa es su casa. We’ll just call you Kramer.

On that note, since we often get requests for tours of our Sunnyvale headquarters, we’ve prepared a little virtual tour to give you a sense of a day in the life of a Yahoo. We’ve called you a cab – just hop in and come have a look around. And do stop by often — no need to ring the bell.